'bROACH' Pin

Claymore Minds Co

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We're rarely ones for hyperbole, so it's fair to say that when we deem something to be the "best ever", we tend to truly believe it. That said, behold, THE BEST HAWAI'I PIN EVER!!! Yeah, we said it. We also made it, and you can now own it. What better example of the modern local protagonist/antagonist struggle than the age-old B52 vs da trusty rubbah slippah?? This soon-to-be cult classic pin features a hinge mechanism which allows you to flip between a slipper on top and Hawai'i's alternative state bird beneath. It is made of soft enamel and stands 1.5" tall. Only 100 made and a good 20 have already pre-sold to friends and fam, so act quick. Also be sure to dip into our shirt vault for the accompanying "Dual Duel" tee. Enjoy!